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A Match Made in Heaven


lasting-color-liquid-makeup.ashxOnce upon a time I found the most AMAZING tinted moisturizer that I used religiously.  It gave the perfect amount of coverage without making my face & neck look like they were two different colors.  Then one day I was at the store to pick up more and realized they had changed the packaging a bit.  No big deal.  On day three of using this new packaging, I broke out into an itchy rash all over my face.  What had happened?!  I went without makeup for a few days and the rash cleared right up.  I decided to try a different foundation, day three…the rash was back.  Confused, I made an appointment with my dermatologist and asked WTF?!

Turns out SPF in any of my makeup causes my skin to flare up.

Guess what is in almost every makeup product these days?  SPF.  It makes it SO hard to find a quality product that doesn’t cost an arm & a leg.  I cannot afford an arm & a leg!  I’m a mom on a budget.  Up until just recently I had been trying out different products in hopes of finding “the one”, with little success.  Some were big flops…such as one foundation that sparkled when I applied it…like I had face glitter all over me and it wouldn’t come off for days!  Others were OK, I’d use up the bottle and try something else out.

As I was browsing the drug store aisles in search of my next guinea pig (I love shopping the drug stores because they let you exchange opened product if it doesn’t work for you), I found Almay’s TLC Foundation.  First thing I checked for was to see if there was any SPF.  Nope.  Then when I saw 16 hour makeup, I was almost afraid to let myself believe such a thing could be true.  I debated between two shades for a minute, finally settling on “naked”.  I tried it out the next morning and was thrilled to see the perfect amount of coverage, without feeling like I had just applied a mask.  And it matched my skin tone, so no two toned face/neck combo going on.  The real test would be how I looked at the end of the day before I washed my makeup off.

I had the makeup on for about 15 hours, it went through the morning rush of getting myself ready, packing lunches, backpacks, hustling the kids out the door, rush hour traffic to work, a stressful day at the office, rush hour traffic back home, picking up the boys, making dinner, cleaning the house up, bedtime stories, and me scrubbing my face with my hands as I plopped on the couch.  When I looked in the mirror to wash my face, it was still in place.

I had finally found “the one”.  My search was over, finally.  I could rejoice and not have to spend hours reading makeup labels in hopes of finding one that did what it said without causing my skin to rebel against it.  I’m in love with this product and I’m so excited to share it with anyone else who may have the same issue.  Even if you don’t – this makeup LASTS.  It covers well, it holds true to its promise.  Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

**I was not compensated in any way, by any of the above mentioned websites and/or companies to mention their product.  All thoughts are my own opinion and may be different from your own.**