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G’s First Birthday Party


Every mom says it but I feel the need to say it again, “Time Flies”.

With D, the first year went by quickly but it feels like it just raced by with G.  It feels like it snuck up on me, I have one month left with a “baby” before we’re a household with two toddlers.  How is my baby almost one?!  Here I am, frantically trying to pull together a party for him at the last hour.  With D, I started planning several months in advance, had everything planned & ready to go.  G….poor second child G, I just printed off the invites and the party is in a month.  That’s still plenty of time to RSVP right?

Anyway – I’m hoping to pull together a few ideas for his monster themed party that are doable.  I’ve pinned a million ideas but with our schedule (and budget), I’m hoping to get at least one or two done.  Here are my top “hopes” on ideas:

**click on the picture for credit on where I found the idea.  Some pictures didn’t link to anything – if you know the original source, please let me know**


This seems simple enough – buy regular balloons, fill them up with helium and draw monster faces on to them.  Maybe a job for my artistic husband?

I found this and thought it would be adorable for pictures & as a way to identify where our party was in the park – again…something my husband would probably make.  (I wonder if he is aware of the growing “to-do” list I have?)


Maybe used for leading from the parking lot to our pavilion?


I really love the ideas of the wiggly eyeballs on the toothpicks for the food – fun & easy way to add more monster decor.

tablescapeMore wiggly eyeballs on everything – even the drink bin!

party hats

Cute party hat idea!

party bags

goody bags

I really like both of these ideas for the party favor bags.  If the dollar store has cheap buckets, I may go that way.


Since our party is at a local park, I love these ideas.  I don’t know if we’ll be able to build the beverage station but I like the idea of having everything in a pail to keep it organized.  We’re feeding everyone hamburgers & hotdogs – this layout for toppings is perfect!